A custom-made SIDEBOARD for your needs!

A SIDEBOARD is a piece of furniture with endless uses. It can be used in the dining room to store plates, glasses and bowls or as a house bar, in the bedroom to store sweaters, shirts, pants and other folded clothing, in the children’s room to store books, games and toys, in the living room to organize CDs , DVDs and books. A custom sideboard can also be used in a niche, possibly with custom shelves that can be attached to the wall above. Or upgrading a large corridor.

The sideboard is a piece of furniture that enables order and ergonomics, whether narrow, very wide, with a shallow or protruding depth: made on measure, the ideal addition to your home.

In order to satisfy the need for order and comfort, a sideboard made on measure offers many advantages:

  • You can make optimal use of the available width
  • You choose between different depths, depending on use and space requirements
  • You decide the colour that best suits you and your ambience
  • You determine the height in millimetres for an aesthetically perfect and optimally practical result (e.g. when placed under a window)
  • You arrange where the shelves are to be positioned at different heights according to your requirements

Use our online configurator now to design your new Sideboard on measure!


From now you can enable quality and customization with IDAW!

Our sideboards allow you to freely choose the height and depth per millimeter, and we offer you a very large selection of different widths. Our sideboards are made of high-quality materials: the side panels have a thickness of 25 mm, and the shelves with a thickness of 35 mm allow the perfect storage of dishes or books, even with wide modules.

We assured for those who are freely movers: Our assembly system allows for easy disassembly, which makes transport easier and a reconstruction can be repeated countless times. The colour of the outside can be completely customized. The top covering panel can be in a different colour than that of the doors, or you can choose different colours for each door. There are no limits to your imagination! Of course you can also order the entire sideboard in one colour. The best thing is: You decide the colour choice without there being price differences.

Configuration of a sideboard made on measure

With our very clear and easy-to-use configurator (link) you can quickly plan your desired sideboard. You implement the requirements for your sideboard on a single website into the right piece of furniture for your apartment! Thanks to the clear structure, you keep an overview without having to make entries over several pages and can quickly adapt your piece of furniture according to your wishes. Try it yourself here and you will see how easy it is with IDAW to choose the perfect sideboard for you and your home!

Use our online configurator now to design your new Sideboard on measure!